Roof Repairs

Not all shingle roofs require immediate replacement. If a minor repair will give a longer life to your roof, we will repair the roof at a much lesser cost to the customer. Naturally, the underlying problem of the leak can vary. The repair may involve replacing the plywood and shingles in a small area of the total roof and if there happens to be chimneys, flashing, skylights or valleys involved, the work becomes more complex.

Some shingles are no longer manufacturered or the colour may be discontinued. We will make every effort to match the existing shingles on your home. Often, a repair is a temporary solution. It can be a stress point telling you that your roof is close to its life expectancy. At your request, we can do a free quote for a full replacement at the time of repair. We will honour the labour portion of the estimate for a 12 month period. We have no control over what the cost of materials would be in the next calendar year, so that portion of the quote would have to be revised.

A service charge of $150 will be applied to all roofing repairs. Product and labour will be added at the time of repair. Please note, the majority of repair work is set aside for March and late October as we are busy doing re-roofs in-between. Emergencies of course will receive utmost priority.

roofing repairs