Reroofs / New Construction

Asphalt Shingle Types

Alberta’s most popular choice of residential roofing material is the asphalt shingle. Its an attractive option that is cost effective, durable and a wide range of colours are available. We install many of the name brands and are IKO and Malarkey certified installers.

3-tab shingles

Traditional 3-Tab

No longer manufactered, but still visible on many roofs. The three-tab shingles are distinguished by cutouts—tabs—made along their long lower edge.

architectural shingles

Architectural Shingles

Also known as composite, laminate or dimensional shingles. These shingles contain no cutouts, but their lower portions are laminated with an additional asphalt layer. This creates the contoured, dimensional look that gives them their name.

Designer shingles

Designer Shingles

High end premium shingle with a higher profile, creating an enhanced dimensional texture for a more pronounced design.

Some insurance companies offer a home owner's discount with premium shingles. Something worth investigating!

Our Process:

  • 1. After you have contacted us we will do a very detailed estimate of your home using industry software and Google Earth Pro, or we will make an appointment to complete a physical measurement if needed.
  • 2. We will follow up with a professional estimate detailing product and labour and answer any questions you may have. We will go over shingle options and colors with you at that time.
  • 3. Should you decide to hire us, we will continue to update you on the delivery process and anticipated date to begin the job. Your roof replacement can take anywhere from 1 - 4 days depedant upon size and difficulty. The site will be cleaned daily and a very thorough cleanup will be conducted.
  • 4. Upon completion of the roof, we will present you with a type written invoice and a completed manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 5. We take great pride in our work and provide you also with a 10 year warranty on our workmanship.

We will begin our estimates in early March so book early. With cooperation of weather we do re-roofs until late November, even December. Payment options: Certified funds, E-transfer or credit card payments upto $2000 with preauthorization prior to work starting. Financing on approved credit is available.


  • What are the signs we may need a new roof?

  • Longevity of your roof depends on many factors.
  • Contact us for a professional opinion regarding status of your roof.
  • Cracked, curled or missing shingles are a good indication that your roof needs replacement.
  • If your gutters are full of granules, that is another major indication.
  • your attic with a flashlight, look for stains, wet spots, or areas where light may shine through.
  • Click here for more detail information
  • Valleys are deteriorating at a rapid rate. Why?

  • Build up of snow over the winter puts tremendous pressure on the valleys of your home.
  • If your valleys are not protected properly with ice/water damning or even if there are leaks at the seams of the plywood, over time that pressure may deteriorate the life expectancy of your shingles.
  • Most snow compacts in the valley, that is just fact.
  • How would I decide on which products to use on the roof?

  • Depending upon your budget and warranty requirements, there are a few options that we can offer you.
  • Not all shingles and preparation products are the same.
  • Call for an indepth estimate and explanation.
  • How long does it take to replace my roof?

  • Depending upon the size of your roof, we can remove old shingles, install new shingles, clean up and be gone between 2 - 4 days.
  • Smaller homes can be done in one day, weather permitting.
  • However, there are always challenges, it is roofing!
  • Do you clean the jobsite upon completion?

  • Absolutely. We pride ourselves in cleanliness on the site.
  • We cleanup nightly prior to departing, and a major cleanup on completion.
  • If I have skylights that leak, can they be repaired?

  • Yes, if the issue is due to flashing and/or counter flashing.
  • If the skylight itself is faulty, we would recommend that it be replaced in conjunction with the new shingles being applied.
  • Do you do repair work and maintenance?

  • Yes, we try to do all repair work in the early spring and late fall.
  • Emergency repairs will obviously be treated with more urgency during the year.
  • A service charge of $150 will be applied to all roofing repairs.